"Marketing is expensive!" is a phrase often mentioned by companies who have done marketing themselves. Outsourced marketing doesn't come cheap either. The following article offers an informative summary of the typical cost of social media marketing (ranging from $2000 to $10,000/month): 
How much does social media marketing cost?

If your company is just starting to explore social media marketing, where do you start? Do you try to do it yourself and simply learn as you go ? Is there an alternative to spending thousands of dollars per month before your sales result can justify for it? This is where our marketing service comes in.  We provide two types of pricing plans: 1) Startup Plan and 2) Commission Based Plan.

All prices in USD.

Startup Plan I
Setup Fee: $300; Cost/Month=$149; 20% charge on media buy

The benefit of this plan is to leverage our best practice and experience in maintaining a Facebook social media present and to get your product news out.  This plan does not provide a guided marketing campaign to achieve specific strategic goal.

  1. Review of brand identity, target customers, marketing messages and products. We will offer suggestions for change, but no rewrite or redesign of your content.
  2. Setup Facebook company page.
  3. Assist your content team to create one Facebook post per month. Additional post that we create on your behalf cost $100.
  4. Within 48 hrs response to customer messages, limit to 10 responses per month.

* You are free to manage your Facebook company page along side with us, and create any number of posts yourself for no charge.

* "20% charge on media buy" is our service fee for posting and managing your advertising campaign. For example, you decided to spend $200 per month advertising on Facebook. We will set up the Ad to target specific demographic profile, post and manage the Ad campaign.

Startup Plan II
Setup Fee: $1000; Cost/Month=$499; 15% charge on media buy

In addition to the benefits in Plan I, we work with you to conduct a marketing campaign per month, such as:

  • Increase # of Facebook Likes and Fans
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase sales of your products
  1. In-depth review of brand identity, target customers, marketing messages and products.
  2. We will work with you to create your marketing material.
  3. Setup Facebook company page.
  4. Create two Facebook posts per month. Additional post that we create on your behalf cost $300.
  5. Within 24 hrs response to customer messages, limit to 20 responses per month.

Partnership Plan I

Setup Fee: $1000

This is a win-win commission based partnership where we will become part of your marketing team. We will drive the marketing campaign for you and leverage our fast growing sales channels to grow the US market.

Full Partnership

We take over your worldwide marketing and sales and become fully integrated with your company. Due to significant resource requirement, we only work with a few select clients.